CLARUS Antifungal Cream

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Clarus Antifungal Cream, 1% Tolnaftate, is a safe, effective, medical-grade urea-based formulation indicated for the treatment of athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) and ringworm (tinea corporis). Also contains inactive ingredients including tea tree oil, aloe vera, and urea, essential for healthy feet. Clarus Antifungal Cream is designed to enhance the penetration into the skin. An effective treatment for tinea infections with daily use, relieves symptoms of itching, burning, and cracking of the infected area, while softening and moisturizing the skin.



Dosing: Once or twice daily application for 4 weeks

Product and Attributes:

  • White cream-based formulation
  • Smooth & silky feel
  • Easily absorbs into skin
  • Leaves no white chalky residue on skin
  • Clean scent
  • Paraben-free

Clarus Antifungal Cream is distributed directly to physicians, dispensed at the point of care directly to patients, and offers a no-risk, unconditional, patient-direct money-back guarantee.

Available in a 1.5 fl oz (45 g) tube.